We are Brothers and Personal Trainers Jack and Daniel Ramsay, from England - Coventry, who set up this business in 2014; as a base to provide personalised diet and exercise plans to people worldwide. Our service is NOT a money making scheme where we do such things as try and bamboozle you into buying expensive supplements from companies we are affiliated with (like so many people currently do. What we DO provide is a selfless, supportive and science backed approach to helping YOU achieve your goals. With extensive Sports Science, Strength & Conditioning, Nutrition and Personal Training experience between the two of us; trust us when we say we absolutely LOVE doing what we do. Our aim is to genuinely help you reach your potential and improve your lifestyle; which is why we are both always on hand to answer any questions you may have about fitness, diet and health regardless of if you used our service or not.


Unlike many many other 'fitness professionals' we are NOT going to provide you with a general plan which pays no detail to your individual requirements. What you WILL receive is a comprehensive personalised plan designed specifically for YOU. No two plans are ever the same and every single one of our 1000+ (and growing!) clients have received a completely UNIQUE plan made individually for their own specific requirements and goals. We pride ourselves on customer support, and you can be assured that if you ever require assistance after using any of our services we are on hand to provide rapid help via email or any of our social media pages.

We look forward to helping you reach your full potential!

Jack & Daniel