Personalised Exercise Plan


We currently provide 4-week, 8-week and 12-week periodised exercise plans. The plan you choose will be dependent on your level of commitment, time frame and specific goals. For example if you have a holiday approaching in the next month then it would of course by wise to opt for a 4-week scheduled plan. If you are trying to peak for competition and require ongoing support to ensure you optimise your performance then a 12 week periodised plan would be better suited. A 12-week plan consists of 3x 4-week plans, with feedback and adjustments made at each 4 week interval depending on progress and feedback from yourself. An 8-week plan follows the same structure but consists of 2x 4-week plans. Plans can of course be recycled and used for as long as necessary and you could simply utilise a 4-week plan for 12-weeks; although if you want to ensure continual progression, a longer duration plan is a better choice.


We provide exercise plans for an array of clients including those who have never set foot in a gym before right up to national competing athletes. If you are simply looking to get into better shape this year; or if you have a more sports performance based goal in mind, we can help. We are able to create plans for absolutely anyone and everyone regardless of age, size, training ability or training complexity. Your plan will be completely tailored to the information you provide within this questionnaire including your equipment availability, training ability, training day preferences and time constraints. Your plan will include a detailed breakdown of everything you need to confidently perform your exercise session effectively by yourself. We pride ourselves on support and customer service. You can be assured that if you need help with any parts of your plan or if you require any exercise alternatives, we are on hand to provide rapid assistance via email or any of our social media pages.

We both look forward to helping you reach your potential!

Jack & Daniel


    Shortly after submission, you will receive a Paypal invoice for your plan (payment can be made via both PayPal account and debit card). Once payment has been received, your plan will be emailed to the email address provided, via a smart phone and printable friendly PDF file within 5 days of purchase guaranteed (If you do not see your plan in your provided email inbox within 5 days of purchase, please email us ASAP).

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